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Originally Posted by Delta0311 View Post
That's ****ing insane. If you do it yourself it will cost you about half that. Or you can always buy the filter and oil from Tischner for like $60 and then take it to a decent shop and have them do it for you. Honestly, a shop should NOT charge you more than $20 to do the oil change when you bring in your own supplies. It takes me around 15-20mins to change the oil in my car, it should take a mechanic (with a lift) about 10min.
The dealer rate for labor is about $100 an hour. It takes more than 10 minutes even with a lift. It takes at least five minutes just to empty the 7 quarts of oil in the engine, and another 5 to refil it. It takes at least 5 minutes to open the oil filter, remove the element, remove and replace the o-rings, clean the housing and reinstall the filter. To get the car on the lift, centered, and lifted takes at least 2 minutes up and then 2 mintues off and backed out of the bay. And the tech needs to wait for the parts department to give him the parts. So if the parts are $60, the dealer is charging about half an hour for labor. Seems fair.