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NOOB- Adding an extended warranty

Hey guys..sorry about this question but i needed to ask it..

SO ive been looking into picking up an e92 335i for quite some time now and i wanted to know what the deal was on adding an extended warranty onto the car.

I was looking at one for $29k but it has 49k miles. I heard somewhere else that as long as the car is under 50k miles i can add the 100k mile and 2 more years of service. Is this true?

Also, does that full maintenance warranty expire on 50k no matter what and then the extended is just on power train?

What are the steps to adding an extended warranty to a car that you buy at a local non-bmw dealership? Can you buy it at the non-bmw dealership usually?

thanks a lot for your help and please dont rip me apart for these questions.