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*Tips Hat to Logic 7* iPod Line Out vs. Headphone Jack

Since taking delivery on my car seven months ago, I've had my iPod connected to the Auxiliary port in the arm rest through the headphone port via an expensive gold pin mini to mini cable. I thought it sounded great, but nothing all that impressive. Today, I was going through my iPod accessory drawer and found a car charger with a port on top that said "Line out" and I thought, hmmm, that's an interesting idea---maybe I should try connecting my iPod to the Aux port in my car via the Line out connection. Only problem is that the car charger was too tall and wouldn't fit inside the glove box. I did the rear console DC port add-on mod about a month ago and figured I could utilize that for this and I did just that, while sending both cables neatly through the rear of the arm rest cover. I didn't have a gold pin mini to mini cable that was long enough to reach from the back of the console into the arm rest so I got managed to find another one in my stockpile that was long enough, but not gold pinned.

Finally, I had everything setup and reconnected the gold mini-to-mini to the Aux port through the headphone jack of the iPod to see how that sounded first. Then I pluged the mini-to-mini from the line out on the charger hooked up to the iPod and hit play. Immediately I noticed a huge increase in bass response as well as lounder volume and crisper music. I couldn't believe such a small change made such a big difference. And this was without the gold pinned cable too!

NOW the Logic 7 speakers were starting to impress me. I did many back and forths between going out of the headphone port and the line out jack on the same song and the results were impressive. Line out is so, so, so much better. Especially if you have a tuned ear. Finally, I played my car's theme song, I Like The Way You Move by The Bodyrockers and my car was rockin'! The bass on that was incredible with my bass volume turned up 3/4 of the way, and the vocals were very good!

All in all, if you're still running through the headphone port of your iPod, picked up a line out jack for the dock connector of your iPod and switch now!

I'm truly a believer of the Logic 7 system now.