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Originally Posted by bmw3355 View Post
hey guys for those that have it any drone associated with these on the highway? i have to drive 7 hours to school am i gonna get there with a headache or how does it sound relative to stock on cruise at 75mph?
Depends on whether you have AT or MT. If you have AT, I heard the droning can be too much for some.

If you have MT, drone is minimal and some people say non-existent. I have the E-Race on my car and I have MT...and let me tell you, it is pure heaven and very little drone...mine tends to happen at 2300-2500 rpm, but I actually enjoy hearing what little drone there is. Highway cruising at 75 mph is totally comfortable and non-intrusive.

My exhaust is fully broken-in and I actually think it got a bit quieter...or more civilized and refined. Driving in rush hour traffic, it's nice, deep and throaty (not obnoxious at all), but when you go WOT, it starts screaming like a roaring lion! Freakin heaven!