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only in it for the torque - awuleth'umshini wami
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Fnckr: Thanks for the comment...i get your point about the trucks But i am not all innocent. I had the turbo on my one series upgraded and i tested it the same day as B3 Lux was testing the when ever i try to pass him i would encourage him (waving) to drive the damn car as hard as he can - all in good spirit

It is always difficult to describe a ride on a car because so many things play a role. For example running on 19s and RFTs make any ride feel hard/harsh and sometimes bumpy. For the drive with B3 Lux I put on the stock 17 wheels, so the ride was more comfy and I wanted hime to focus on the suspension and how it performed.

Also, lowering the car by 20mm is low enough for me and also makes the drive "harder" compared to the normal stock sportpack 15mm drop. I drove the car at both and the 15mm Bilstein drop is the ideal drive height for me especially with 19s. But you don't get the low, sporty "look". So settled on the 20mm drop.

In normal mode the drive is simmilar to the stock feel (but a tad more comfortable; this is what i mean by soft) but the car does not behave stock...not sure if this makes sense. There is'nt any body roll in normal mode at regular speeds like you would get with the stock suspension.

When switching to race mode the car feels "stiffer" or "harder" without being porno...

Okay back to the point. In race mode the steering feels so precise, you can "feel" each of the wheels and the feedback it gives. It is tight, taught and goes where you point. The most astonishing feeling is that you can push the car much, much harder into corners and bends then what you could ever do in stock guise.

Imagine driving the car at high speed with DTC off. Your senses through your hands and fingers on the steering wheel tells you that some of the safety features of the car has been disengaged - this feeling can be with the ridecontrol with DTC off...and the car in race mode the steering wheel tells you everything is in order...all safety measures are in place...this is the best way i can describe the feeling.

Lastly, i am still convinced when the car is in race mode it is quicker off the mark...perhaps e92fan can chime in on his experience.