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Originally Posted by fnckr View Post
WOW! He took a borrowed car and passed a convoy of trucks with oncoming traffic clearly within sight?!!! That's balls on his part, or as you say he's a great driver and clearly had the confidence he could pull it off. Very trusting on your part as well!
Well if you only pass when there's no traffic at all, you can't get anywhere fast... And there was indeed some margin left which the oncoming cars underestimated, although not enough margin for 645Nm to do the same (remember: he had some hp less). And as I have exactly the same car, I did know quite well what it was capable of, so the risk was not substantial.
Originally Posted by fnckr View Post
Good reviews from both of you, too! I commend you both.

One question, in Bilstein Normal/Sport mode, as opposed to Bilstein Sport/Race mode, you say that the car has improved handling while ALSO being softer than the OEM-sport. What exactly does that mean?

To me softer would mean there's more roll, but you say "improved handling." That's confusing to me. Could you elaborate a bit? I have OEM-sport and wouldn't want anything softer for my daily driver. If anything OEM-sport is too soft in my opinion. So if this Bilstein set-up is softer I might have to eliminate it as an option.
645Nm took the words right out of my mouth - less body roll, same ride comfort, more precision, that was my impression.
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