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Originally Posted by stressdoc View Post
All E9xs have some variant of "e-diff" = traction and stability control via braking and power reduction = DTC/DSC.
DSC/DTC is a form of differential lock. I don't think anyone can argue that.

What I've read about is that the algorithms with DSC/DTC set OFF are significantly changed.

Originally Posted by stressdoc View Post
"e-diff" is a misnomer. The algorithms for DSC/DTC in later model years are a bit different than earlier models, but nothing very significant.
Youtube videos of people '1 wheel burning' on older cars and 'drifting' with newer cars made me believe that the e-diff change is tangible.

Granted, they are just videos... and I wasn't there.

Originally Posted by stressdoc View Post
The QDF model does not result in completely free spinning of an unweighted wheel as some have suggested. There is always some tension that results in torque transfer.
When you corner so hard that the inside wheel lifts off of the ground, the quaife should limp at that stage.

But this is mostly theory... 99.9999% of people here will never experience that scenario...

Generally, I see the wavetrac as a 'theoretically nicer quaife' , since it technically can do something extra in that scenario.

I'll see how mine pans out. Like I said, I'm sure both are adequate in most cases.
I however do want to drift my car now and then, so I wanted something with more aggressive locking, but not as 'intrusive' as a clutch type 1.5 like the os-giken or cusco style LSDs.

I wish there was more technical data about the DSC/DTC OFF modes, and the changes between old and new. I'll grant that I speak about e-diff only from what I've heard or saw on youtube...
(Personally, my XI will free-wheel with DSC/DC OFF. That's all I can verify myself)