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Help... Possible Warranty Dispute

My car in the last 5 days develop a very disconcerting grinding sound/thunk in the rear suspension (sounds like a strut gone bad or muffler rubbing against something).

Took car to BMW this morning and took SA for ride to replicate noise, the minute we pulled out the the driveway it was audibly heard by both of us and continued until I circled the block. As I parked the car the noise continued and made the loudest noise I heard from the problem so far.

Got a call this afternoon stating that the Tech and him drove my car for a long distance and couldn't replicate the noise. Obviously I didn't accept this and told him that I don't want the car back until it is fixed because he had heard how bad the problem is when I drove with him.

He is now claiming that the issue may not be covered under warranty because the Tech thought the rear suspension looks to have been replaced and if it is due to this replacement will not be a warranty concern. The SA called me later saying that he looked at the suspension and it does not look to have been replaced and will talk to the tech and inquire why he thought so, but it still may not be covered under warranty.

I left the car there for the weekend and it will be worked on again on Monday. And was advised I would be informed should a repair cost over $100.

First, I bought the car from a BMW dealership in June 2008 with 12k miles as a CPO. In my ownership I have never had any thing on the car replaced, so the suspension replacement (if in fact replaced) was done before the car was sold to me and thus should be under warranty as advertised.

Second, any advice on what I should do in the event that on Monday they find the problem "is not a warranty concern" and they want me to pay for any labor or repairs.

Third, does this sound like it should be covered under warranty?
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