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Originally Posted by needforspeed
Just get this guys:

Because the charger is low profile it fits snugly in the armrest outlet with the armrest closed - no prob's.

Don't buy the belkin ones though as they have a pre-amp which is actually worse than the ipod one.
That's only good for charging it. That's exactly what I had with the gold pinned mini-to-mini going out the headphone port before I changed to the new line-out connection yesterday. Although, either way, it's going to be short-lived because on Saturday ///Matt from this board is installing the iPod MOST Integration kit in my car. That too utilizes a line-out connection so it's going to sound just as good, plus it's all going to be elegantly tucked away and out of sight, plus I'll be able to see what song I'm playing and navigate my iPod from my iDrive.