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Originally Posted by GeorgeSmooth View Post
I reckon if Jim Conforti wanted to apply himself he would clean up the market. I reckon the rest of the guys are buying information from here or there or have limited knowledge and are reselling the same file and this includes Dinan.
In the case of South Africa the same file is being sold by six vendors as their own, this is the all too common file that has received that tag of being called the Alpina file which has a max boost of 14.5psi.
There are plenty of companies entering the market now. Have they been developing for the past 2.5 years? or have they just decided now is the time to milk the enthusiasts of there cash. If I was a consumer in the states I would go with the piggy back guys like Shiv and Terry. At least they have been supporting from the start and you can see that effort has been put into their product. As for the copy and paste artists they will gain my respect when they can replicate the results of the vehicles with piggy backs both on the dyno and the track.
+1, I'd personally hold off on the flashes until I saw more results. The piggy's were put thru their paces for several years and are pretty damned good right now.

Can't wait to see some flash results from the drag strips across the US this fall.

custom tuning is where its at anyway, is anyone offering that yet here in the US? I'm getting my s52 custom flash tuned soon w/ new turbo and meth........