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Originally Posted by stressdoc View Post

My 2002 would leave two black strips before I put a LSD in it.
In a turn??? That just doesn't make sense...

Originally Posted by stressdoc View Post
You guys want to buy into the marketing BS, fine. Go racing with your "e-diff", especially off-road rallye racing.

Doc, with all due respect, I know of nothing written or in any type of marketing where BMW admits to having this in the 3 series. There is no marketing of this, none with the e90. The only exception to this is a written reply I have from BMW in my enquiries as to why the two cars drive so different.

Stressdoc, no one ever said an ediff was better than the M3 diff. None of us are racing our cars or doing rally racing. I have been doing autocross and track schools for 25+ years, and on my car the system works very similar to a viscous LSD, and not quite as good as a Torsen or Quaife.

Ether way, enjoy your car! :-)