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Servicing my new CPO 335i suspicious noises, questionable performance

I just bought a 2007 335i CPO. After driving the car for about 1,500 since bought, Ive noticed a few things that look suspiciously not right (I listed them below).

Ive been reading the forum and some of the known 335i issues seems not to have been taken care of in my car. BMW gave me all the maintenance records and there is nothing recorded other than regular maintenance stuff. Maybe someone can point me out on what action to take (re: having BMW fix it under warranty) or if any of these symptoms below are related to any of the known problems.

1-Metal rattling noise, most noticeable when cold, coming from the center of the car. (waste gates?).
I hear the noise coming from under the car, but that may be because noise propagates better through the floor than the noise-isolated cabin.

2-Low torque in 1st gear, it only start pushing in 2nd gear (turbo lag due ECU SW version?). It only takes its 335i personality in 2nd gear.

3- No service done to the HPFP, should I wait for it to fail or seek proactive replacement.

4- Cracking noise on front seats. It sounds like an old wooden boat docked at the lake.

What do you bimmerfans think?... Should I take to the dealer and have them do what?

Thanks in advance for your inputs!