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Procede Canbus ... a little confused

hey guys i need your opinion and your suggestions..

so i am thinking of buying vishnu procede canbus. it is used in good condition and comes with all the wiring and remote

since im a novice at this stuff..

1. how hard is it to install my self?

2. do i need to buy a boost gauge or i am fine without it

3. i dont want to void my warranty, how do i de code it when i take the chip out to take it to dealership so they wont see it in the system.

4. what stage is good to run on if i have just exhaust and sr mid pipe?

5. what should be my power gains like?

6. if i get an intake will that help gain since im getting chip?

7. is this a good chip to start off with, and later what is a good upgrade or add on to this unit?

8. and for who had this canbus are you guys satisfied?

Thank you guys