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Originally Posted by Kindryck
We have a 04 Nissan Armada that has the Line In input on the dash near the radio and have had no problems with the Belkin car charger with the Line Out feature. So, before we went to Munich to do our ED I picked up another one. And it sounded like crap in the BMW, when you had it plugged in to the armrest socket. Getting alot of feedback so we ended up just using the head phone jack. Passable but I know it can do better.

While looking around the internet after we got back to see what I wanted to do I stumbled onto this:

No innate charging capabilities but you can buy a standard USB car charger to plug into it from what I can seey. Picking up the car tomorrow finally so I'll let you know how it works out.

Good Luck,

bmwexecutive, do u think that the device described above will put out similar results as your setup? is it the same type of setup? i have the monster icarplay charger that also goes thru the FM and i hate it. i need something with good crisp sound that wont hinder the bass.

also a lot of the products discussed above are just chargers right? i thought the issue was sound quality not keeping the ipod running.