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Help! Strange Failure of 335i

I got a 335i with RR catless downpipes, spearco intercooler, c-pe exhaust no cats, BMS Dci, active blow off and jb3 1.3. When the car is cold it started to throw detonations, didnt accelerate and fail like it was going to stop; but once it got warm it stop to do the problem until it get cold again and the same thing happen. I thought it was a HPFP failure but I had it change last month. So I decide to give it to my mechanic and when he scanned it, some cat sensors show up but he later keep working on it and found that bank 1,2,3 of the cylinders were shutting down when this happen. He told me that apparently the cause of this is the fuel inyectors. PLEASE HELP! ANYONE HAS A CLUE?