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Originally Posted by zzinco79

I didn't even remember that I posted this!! haha

Its been about year now with that intake and their great!!

I have A/T and that bring the rpm higher than stock intake.

Also sounds awesome!!!

As long as I have Original K&N filter, there is no huge difference between

real GrouppeM and replica!

All other parts has exactly same looking and dimension!!

anyone here can help me to post some video clip???
Hi zzinco79,

I just got the Gruppe M replica intake from eBay and it does come with an original K&N Filter.

I agree that visually, it almost looks the same as the original one, except for the CF shield. It seems the real one fits better on the side/edge that touches the underhood lines (the part of the CF shield you see when you open the hood). But I don't think it's really noticeable, specially if you haven't seen the original one.

As far as performance, I don't know any difference because I don't have the original to compare against. However comparing with the OEM intake, the car is definitely more responsive at the lower RPMs. The intake is also now audible, but not too much (it's just a nice growl that's not overwhelming/annoying).

I also tried to replicate the stalling issues I heard from other people who had their intake replaced. The only occassion I could make the car stall is when the RPM goes below 500. And the only occassion I could get below 500 RPM is when I'm cruising at speeds more than 55MPH and then shifting to neutral. So cruising in neutral at speeds more than 55MPH drops the RPM below 500 and stalls the car.

However, any speed lower than 55MPH and the RPM doesn't go below 500 (it stays around 700 to be specific - which is the same as idle I believe) and the car doesn't stall. I even tried rolling to a stop in neutral (many many times), but the car won't stall (because the RPM stays above 500).

I guess this is not really an issue for me because I'd never cruise in neutral while going more than 55MPH.

However, I'm just wondering, does anyone know what's possibly causing the RPM to go below 500?

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