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Originally Posted by garysargent View Post
I just took my car in to Wakefield Sandall BMW to have the Alpine upgrade fitted, and they called to say they can't fit it as it is not compatible

Car is a 335i - the guy said it was because I had the "DSP" option and that was taking up space where the amp would go, and that the DSP has its own amp and is not compatible with the Alpine.

I presume by DSP he means Digital Radio?

Any of you guys done such an install? Is it not possible to fit with the DAB radio?

Got the professional sat nav and head unit.
I got the same reply from my dealer a couple of weeks ago.

Went back there 2 days ago to see if they could just get me the "TopHiFi" speakers & tweeters and they've come back offering to do the Alpine HiFi upgrade, even though I've got the DAB radio installed. Looking at the installation instructions, it looks like the Alpine amp goes in the boot under the floor, the DAB radio definitely is not there. My only concern at the moment is that the connectors are not compatible. But they're now willing to give it a go. Parts are ordered and the car's booked in for next Friday. Will let you know how it turns out.
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