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Originally Posted by efunroom View Post
1) Does AuidoControl LC6i work well in balanced-to-unbalanced convertion?

2) It seems that balanced signal need 3 wires, but the HU output is only 2 wrie per channel. It is really a balanced ouput? Any way to test it, for example, RTA?
1) NO. It is speaker-level to common-ground. There is an additional attenuation component.

2) Balanced is signal (+), signal (-), and reference ground. Differential inputs using RCA connectors use the RCA outer shield for signal (-).

RTA will not tell you, but I don't know that you will believe me either. You need an oscilloscope to test a signal, but to test an input, you either need to trace the PCB out and see the devices, or you need to believe the brochure.
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