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The absence of the 320d in the USA market makes the current "Green" ad campaign a hollow fašade. Not that anyone at BMW NA would listen, but we have been suggesting the 320d as a master stroke for public relations that would attract a significant new market segment into BMW showrooms for a long time now. There is a reason why this model is the best selling BMW in Euro.

Just imagine the effect of an advertisement for the 320d with 57 mpg. Maybe with a bit of fun on the 'ring, passing all the supposed fuel efficient cars like Prius, volt etc. Talk about having your cake and eating it to. Best mpg. Fastest acceleration. Most luxurious. Performance handling. Longest range (600+ miles per tank!).

Another good ad might show the 320d going across the USA, NY to LA, on three tanks of fuel while the competition is constantly stopping. The recent high mileage gig from Chicago - NY on one tank in a 335d was pretty cool, but imagine what a 320d could do.