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Originally Posted by asus389 View Post
I would buy one in a second. We need a car here in the US that gets that kind of mileage but is also fun to drive and luxious. BMW would sell a ton of these in the USA.

The germans don't get it. Audi should sell the A4 4cyl diesel, mercedes the C220 cdi, and BMW the 320d. They would sell a lot of these cars. Instead they import these overpriced 6cyl diesels. Who wants a 55k e320 bluetec?
I don’t think it is the Germans. It is their North American management, particularly their marketing departments.

All of the frustrations that I have had with my German car owning experiences have had their roots not in the mother country, but it their North American Management and their Detroit marketing mindsets.

The Germans need to realize the blindingly obvious—their North American customers are their customers because they want cars that are designed in the European manner. This customer base is a minority, but it is not small. So BMW (and MB and VW): save some money, save your brand and put some of your North American management on short leashes with choker chains. Fire the rest. We want your cars, not Americanized, basterdized mush that has been focus grouped to death.