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I feel vindicated by all the positive responses here. There must have been more substantial obstacles to importing the 320d than the NA dealers and their idiotic mantra that BMWs are luxury cars and must have 6 or 8 cyl engines.

Think about it: the 320d/X3d gets 50+mpg, and yet provides all the safety, luxury, performance, room, & status that 98% of USA buyers want. They just need to be educated, kind of like back in the 60's when Japanese cars had the stigma of being "cheap."

Sometimes you need to take risks. Admittedly there were huge political hurdles in the past, but presumably our politicians have seen the damage that maintaining subsidies for producing 2.5 ton SUVs has for our national interests. What a different situation we would be in if Americans were driving cars like the 320d made by Ford, GM, et al.