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Originally Posted by asus389 View Post
The germans don't get it. Audi should sell the A4 4cyl diesel, mercedes the C220 cdi, and BMW the 320d. They would sell a lot of these cars. Instead they import these overpriced 6cyl diesels. Who wants a 55k e320 bluetec?
I think its not the Germans, its the stupid american marketeers hired as BMW USA managers, who are bragging every day that they are the best marketing people because this is where USA excels, when in fact I have never seen a more restricted and crippled market than the USA market. US citizens are just prisoners of some games played by incompetent marketing people. They don't care about what the customers want, they only care about how to cut costs. If only someone could evaluate the immense damage some of these manager have done by not selling in the US the best and most economical cars that the world has to offer, while in turn talking about "green", "blue" and low fuel consumption...