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Originally Posted by oneshare325
Ok I did mine like a week ago (and I cleaned it really well so i know stuff didn't get in the engine) but my car is running like crap...I have a dead spot from 1 to 4k RPM...It is really noticable..I reset the odo when I did it, and I now have 70 miles on it and it still runs like crap. I read somepeople disconnected the battery to make the ECU reset or something....I didn't do that till last night...I disconnected the battery all night and I havn't driven it yet today So i don't know if it fixed that...It is really bad...can someone help me out? Anyone have a part number for the airbox side with the crarcol filter, I might have to get a new one and take it in?? HELP!!
eww that's not good.. and I was just thinking about doing this myself instead of spending money on a new air intake. Well, maybe i'll attempt this, if things don't go right, you can always get a new intake.. it'll probably be cheaper than trying to get an OEM replacement from BMW. Hope you fix the dead spot.