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I think I wrote something like this a while back.

But lets add to the Heirarchy of the production method.

Gravity Cast
Low Pressure Cast
Double Chamber Pressure Cast
Flow Form Cast (Spun Cast)
Forged: Monoforged, 2PC Forged, 3 PC Forged

Originally Posted by darklocust View Post
It would be nice to list brands of wheels and types of casting they use. Then, sticky it!

From the company's we carry and those that I know in the BMW market. Lets add where they are made, I think that should be a factor as well. We could also add certifications.

If I need to add explanation on Flow Form or forged methods I guess I could.

(Someone can put this in alphabetical order make a master list, I grouped it by the casting method)

Low Pressure Cast

Miro - Low Pressure Cast, Taiwan (Except 935, made in Japan by NKB)
VMR - Low Pressure Cast, Taiwan
Alufulgen - Low Pressure Cast, Taiwan
Linea Corse - Low Pressure Cast
Axis Wheels - Low Pressure Cast, Taiwan
Beyren/TSW - Low Pressure Cast, Taiwan (except Borque 3pc)

Forgestar - Flow Form Cast, USA
BBS - Flow Form Cast, Germany
Advan - Flow Form Cast, Japan
Enkie - Flow Form Cast, Japan
Rays - Flow Form Cast, Japan

HRE - Forged, USA
iForged - Forged, USA
Kinesis - Forged, USA
Volk - Forged, Japan
DPE - Forged, USA
Neez- Forged, USA