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Originally Posted by chris
Andy, do you mind answering kt157's question here in the thread? I would also like to know how these ride and how they will compare to other major manufacturers.

Thanks man!

Hello Chris,

No problem.

The KW V1 will improve the E90's handling and it will be noticeable. Ride quality is still for street driving since the shock's rebound & compression is adjusted a sporty feel from the KW factory. The spring rate is also adjusted according to the specs of the shock. The ride quality will be stiffer than stock (non-sport or sport) suspensions, but not to the point where it is unbearable.

The KW V2 is a 2-way adjustable system which allows you to change the height & rebound of the suspensions. The KW factory setting is recommended by the KW engineers for street use which is similar to the V1 setting. But if you do auto-cross the vehicle or sometimes track the vehicle, you can adjust the rebound according to the track course. If you are the type of driver who likes a little more rough feel for your street driving, you can keep a stiffer setting as well.

The KW Suspensions is considered as one of the top suspensions manufacturers. The KW engineers perfect these suspensions systems according to the vehicle specs which allow the systems to provide the best handling and ride quality for the specific vehicles. All the KW suspensions kits (V1, V2 and V3) can all be used for street driving. But for most of us, V1 or V2 will be more than sufficient. Functionality plays a big part when you are deciding on which kit to get. Choose the kit base on your usage of the kit. In the end, it is pointless for you to purchase a V3 kit when you are not even going to take advantage of the rebound & compression adjustable feature.

In regards of comparing KW to other competitors, it will be up to your personal preferences. We recommend KW suspensions because of their customer services, warranty (life-time if you are the original purchaser from an authorized KW dealer), built quality, and their Inox technology (prevents rust and corrosion).

Hope this answers some questions.