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Originally Posted by crimsone90 View Post
The manufacturers are welcome to join the thread and post their manufacturing method. There are several mistakes on your list. First I`m not aware of any flowforming done in the USA for Forgestar. Neez is not forged in the USA, is Japan. BBS are not only FlowFormed but Forged as well. I`m not aware of Miro being low-pressure cast and NKB is not made in Japan. Also VMR is gravity cast and not low-pressure cast.

We could have a list but unless the information is confirmed it`ll be pure speculation. Here it is.

Low Pressure Cast

Miro - Unknown, Taiwan
VMR - Gravity, Taiwan
Alufelgen - Low Pressure Cast, Taiwan
Linea Corse - Low Pressure Cast, Philippines? (Zoeb please confirm)
Axis Wheels - Low Pressure Cast, Taiwan
Beyren/TSW - Low Pressure Cast, Taiwan (except Borque 3pc)

Forgestar - Flow Form Cast, Unknown
BBS - Flow Form Cast & Forged, Germany/Japan
Advan - Gravity & Flow Form Cast, Japan
Enkie - Flow Form Cast, Japan
Rays - Flow Form Cast & Forged, Japan

HRE - Forged, USA
iForged - Forged, USA
Kinesis - Forged, USA
Volk - Forged, Japan
DPE - Forged, USA
Neez- Forged, Japan
I would prefer the Manufacturers to come and talk about it here.

As to BBS - - Flow Forming, However yes they do Forged as well like you said. You are right I ment Japan on Neez a typo from me. Forgestar is only a few miles from us - been to their production here in the US.
Miro have met with the owner multiple times - and been informed multiple times that the wheels are low pressure cast. Feel free to give them a call.

As to Velocity being gravity - not to my knowledge. Where have you heard this? Velocity is on the board here they can confirm this.

I noticed mention that Advan had a gravity cast wheel - what current wheel in their production is gravity casted? I wasn't aware of any.