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I would prefer the Manufacturers to come and talk about it here.

As to BBS - - Flow Forming, However yes they do Forged as well like you said. You are right I ment Japan on Neez a typo from me. Forgestar is only a few miles from us - been to their production here in the US.
Miro have met with the owner multiple times - and been informed multiple times that the wheels are low pressure cast. Feel free to give them a call.

As to Velocity being gravity - not to my knowledge. Where have you heard this? Velocity is on the board here they can confirm this.

I noticed mention that Advan had a gravity cast wheel - what current wheel in their production is gravity casted? I wasn't aware of any.
Forgestar, If you are saying that Forgestar have a flow-forming machine in their facilities I would schedule an appointment with them and will try to make it there next week.

Advan, please see attached.

VMR, please see below:

From Peter himself. Source: Post: 12

I have also heard Peter himself state this personally.

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Hi, our VB3 CSL wheels aren't that heavy. They weigh about the same as the Z15. They are single piece gravity cast wheels. Irregardless of the way it is cast, they all go thru the same quality testing before shipping. My .02, if you use the exact same tooling for spun cast, you'll get about the same volume of aluminum alloy in the wheel as gravity cast. It is theoretically possible to modify the tooling to reduce the volume of aluminum alloy, but the cost to benefit isn't there for us nor the customers. OE's have the luxury of doing so because producing 100k wheels is probably cheaper than making 1k wheels at gravity cast. Its just a matter of economies to scale.

On top of that, you'll be able to have a BMW roundel on the centercap.

I haven't seen the other guy's wheels in person, but I think forum members are more qualified to give their .02 on quality than the manufacturer themselves. But I believe the quality speaks for itself, knowing that it is hard to compare apples with apples on the internet, especially with "photogenic" pictures.

As far as offsets go, the E90 can use anything between 25-40 offset. I'm not sure why, but you can literally stick your foot between the stock wheel and fenderwell But yeah, hubcentric spacers on average are around $60ea, bolts $3ea, + shipping.

Any interest in our wheels please contact any of our retailers for pricing and availability.


Tom @ EAS, VMR largest distributor regarding the new V713 at M3Post. Source: Post #15.

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Wheels are gravity cast, there are no immediate plans for 20".
Expect all these posts to be edited/deleted after I post them here so check them quick.
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