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Smooth brakes on 335i --- Sticky brakes on 330i?

Two days ago I test drove a 335i Coupe. One thing I noticed was when I was at a stoplight I could inch forward and stop with ever so slight pressure on the break pedal and I could do it as such that I there would be no jerking of the car body whatsoever. If you weren't looking out the window you'd never even know the car had moved.

Now on my 330i, if I try to do that and release the brakes extremely slowly I'll get a sound from them that sounds like the brakes are sticking a little bit. But here's the thing: I tried doing it in reverse and I can achieve the same braking action as on the 335i---totally smooth. This makes me think that the sticky brake in a software issue and is probably related to the start-off assistant---why the hell is that on an automatic trans to being with?

Anyone experienced this as well? Seems like software could fix the whole thing. I go in for a software update on Tuesday for my iPod integration kit I just installed yesterday that I guess I hope fixes the problem, but I'm not holding my breath.

So does anyone know why start-off assistant is on a automatic car because I think that's the issue? Start-off assistant is software, right? If it is, couldn't a software update rid my car of the feature?