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FIRST BMW Performance Power Kit Review and Test Drive

Finally !

This post is a mess right now, just finished the test drive, but I will edit and organize everything

The car is noticeably faster, but not like "oh my god". The engine response is as smooth as stock, even better. Turbo lag (now I know I had some) was eliminated, when changing gears there is no more boost delay, the car just goes without delay. Throttle response is the same, a tad more aggressive maybe.

I managed to chirp (~1 sec) the tires when changing from 2nd to 3rd on several runs (tires RE050A RFT were not cold, this was at the second test drive), which I couldn't do before. In second gear, the RPM climbs faster than before, noticeably. 3rd and 4th seem faster also, but 5th and 6th seem about the same. You can now hear the turbos very clearly, even with windows closed (but with A/C off). Maybe its the intake (I am 100% stock), I don't know, but its some whistling sound which wasn't there before. The oil temperature stopped at 120 Celsius, didn't seem to be higher than before, but dropped more quickly than before. I don't yet have the air ducts installed, maybe tomorrow.

The new fan is loud, but the sound is nice and you can't it hear it from the car. BEWARE: the new fan cannot be mounted on its own because the ECU has to be reprogrammed to work with it ! The electrical wiring is different.

That's it for now...I will edit and complete the post...feel free to ask questions

Pictures: There are not many pictures to be done. Much of the assembly is hidden, you can only see the new relay and the new wire harness which goes to the fan. You can also see some water hoses but nothing interesting.

The price was 1700 euro for the kit, the install was 190 euro. They gave me the old parts back (fan, mountings, some water pipe and the old spark plugs).

I now wonder if the power will increase after some adaptation time. I can't wait to drive it again !

I will dyno it probably on Friday or Saturday, I want to give it some time to adapt.

They forgot to put my sticker on the engine

Update 1: I am more and more surprised by the car's responsiveness, now that I drove it a bit more. The lack of lag and the added torque really changes the car ! Its really noticeable...especially when I'm in 3rd at < 2000RPM and floor it, before there was a slight lag until the car took off but now it just takes off instantly and with more's very nice !

Update 2: Added a couple of pictures. Not much to see, but still The supplemental radiator does not have a plastic backplate installed because I don't yet have the airducts installed.

Update 3: Did some Dynolicious tests. I obtained a peak of 279whp at the wheels. Weight was set at 1770kg. Gas tank was 100% full. Only went gears 1 and 2, until 110Kmh and then stopped. Tires were spinning like crazy, I didn't get below 5.79 for 0-100kmh. Best 0-60 foot time was 2.48s. The dynolicious test before the power kit showed a maximum of 264whp (or 262, I don't remember exactly) but it was MUCH colder outside (it was February 23, about 12-15 degrees Celsius, and today it was about 31 degrees Celsius). This test was done on an iPhone 3GS with the latest Dynolicious, the first test was done on an iPhone 3G with the first version of Dynolicious.

Tomorrow I will do a real Mustang dyno if everything goes as planned.
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