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Originally Posted by UltimateBMW View Post

Some guesses for the 5th and final class for the release are Werewolf or some kind of Druid remake. Mind you this is all conjecture, as no one really has any clue yet. However, I could easily see them shelving any type of archer class and then putting it into an expansion to build excitement from the Ranger faithful crowd. I guess the last class could be some kind of Arcane Archer or something. But I don't really see why that would need special animations.
Originally Posted by Makushr1 View Post

And I agree with your earlier post. A Druid would be a highly possible character, maybe more than a ranger. But still, it's hard to think of a Diablo game without a character that primarily uses a bow...
Yeh maybe ranger/archer wasnt the right term. But i did hear something about a projectile class, maybe a guy with bombs/shurikens/guns? i dunno.

it could be a hunter with tamed pets or the druid that can shapeshift....HECK why not just add all the classes of WoW into DIII! lmao.

im actually surprised that they dont have a class that fully utilized a shield yet (paladin/knight class). i still remember my pally using these uber one handed sword and shield.

i guess we gotta wait...besides we got more than a year to wait now