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Originally Posted by Dr Dave View Post
I'm in a very similar trade to you JJ - the first 4 months of this year were very quiet - we did in 4 months what we would normally do in 4 weeks!

But ever since May it has been very busy, we haven't had time to stop - but we are very careful not to become busy fools and not get paid for the work.

People have money but are keen to hold onto it - payments (from both the private and commercial sectors) are quite slow. If it weren't for the few who pay up in a timely manner, we'd be in trouble.

Rates for our work dropped through the floor the early part of this year - it takes a lot of work to keep tarmac gangs busy - many of the surfacing-only contractors were 'buying work' in order just to keep busy.

But I don't think we've seen the worst of it yet.

We were fortunate enough to have been able to build this outfit just before things went quiet......the one it replaced lasted us 20 years!

And this was the view at a recent very wet job at 3.50am

and dawn............

i think my uncle has hired your paver a few times, like you say we could of been flat out but i just know i wouldnt get paid end of as i knew a few companys were in the shit,this summer i am just happy to be ticking over,its quite easy to run up 10k in tarmac in a few days, and you have to pay for the tarmac if i have been payed or not, glad your finding it ok