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Originally Posted by mhaw2001
Last week after a big snow fall, I called my local dealership, Open Road BMW in Newmarket, ON to order some snow tires for my 06 323i. The parts guy gave me two options: Viking Continental SnowTrac 16" non-RFT and Blizzak RFT. I was going to purchase tires and mount them on my stock 16" alloys and I plan to keep them on these rims and buy 18/19" in the summer. He quoted me $130 a tire for the Viking and 261 for the RFT. I placed an order for the Vikings. I had to wait a week for an appointment. so today, I go in to have them installed and they told me they made a mistake, though I had a E46 and refused to install the Vikings on my E90 because the "suspension is not designed for non-RFT" and that I would have to purchase more expensive RFT (now quoted at $417 each). They gave me some BS about my warranty would be void, my roadside assistance would not come if I had non-RFT, etc etc. He told me they would install the Vikings but I would have to sign a waiver allowing them to install them and make them have no responsibility if anything happened . Is this all BS? Or is this true?

Where in TO can i get a decent set of snow tires??????

Viking winters are garbage anyway, find decent tires right away, you are not driving an 1982 civic here...

I installed a set of vikings last year on my wifes Mazda, man, the shit I've received about them was daily, $600 in the toilet... if you want I still have them, will make a killer deal on them (17") , she is now on Toyos G020 and the difference is unthinkable, amazing.

The RFT vs non RFT dealer practice is total bs, get service done elsewhere asap, but at their place I would also not install Vikings on any recent or new car.