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Originally Posted by cstavaru View Post
It's the torque AT THE WHEELS. Even with 12% loss you obtain 470Nm at the crank. Plentiful

Oh, and by the way, some more observations: my girlfriend (no cars knowledge whatsoever) which had the change to stay in the passenger seat today immediately noticed that the car feels "lighter" and is "more aggressive". Previously she said that the car felt a bit heavy. She said she clearly notices the difference.
The throttle indeed seems more aggressive, and together with the almost elimination of turbo lag makes for a very nice ride

Oil temperatures are lower, I mean the runtime oil temperature is the same (about 110 Celsius) but when driving (slowly) for an hour in heavy traffic (at 32 Celsius outside temp, so pretty hot) the temp did not reach 120 Celsius like usual, it remained at 110.
Do you have an oil cooler?

Thank you for this great review.