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Side by side photos of all the parts would be great. If anyone is getting this kit in the near future and could arrange this it would be most helpful to see all the different parts. Taking out the old parts and putting in the new would also be great.

Two other issues remain unresolved: the different air ducts, and USA schedule. I heard early Sept release back in the spring, but a few things have happened since then. Any news on these fronts would be most appreciated. Pictures of your air ducts would be useful if you can crawl under and see what was changed.

It is interesting how the response to this kit has been mitigated by comparisons with aftermarket piggys and flashes. What a different case this is compared to the release of the ZHP package for the E46. This performance tune increases power a lot more than that did, and yet enthusiasm is tepid, at least among the stoplight drag crowd.

If you have a post 03/08 Steptronic 335 I think it's a no-brainer to get this kit. You get a full warranty BMW engineered package with significantly improved cooling capacity. 400 --> 450Nm of torque. Invoice on the MSD81 kit is close to $1200; even with just the usual 20% parts discount and a reasonable price for install you are still under 2k. And unlike other tunes, this one will add resale value. Unfortunately, cost/benefit for folks like me with older cars and manual trannys is not as clear cut.

The other thing that I am pleased about with this kit is that it portends some more exciting developments for the ZMP/Msport packages. What a delight it would be to get the full suite of BMW Performance packages as a factory option. A variant of this kit, with the forthcoming DCT, will make for a very fast 335. Hopefully the new tt M3 will have such a high performance level that there will be plenty of elbow room for the ZMP/Msport/supersport/ti 335 to exceed the raised bar that the new Audi S4 offers. It is obviously so much more efficient and cost effective for us enthusiasts if we can get the good stuff built in at the factory. What a waste to duplicate parts and install labor. That said, it is wonderful that we are now provided with the parts to upgrade if we want.