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RWD only.
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i'm never really annoyed by other gym people too. it's usually a friendly environment.

three people i can't stand though.

1) people that work out with hats all the it's indoors. i can think of this one chick that works out with this same damn black hat pulled down almost below her eye brows. idk why da fuck it annoys just does.

2) groups of guys who think they're boss thuggin. usually have the stern faces and give out the cold looks like they'll fuck you up. they need to gtfo. nobody gives a shit if you're the shit at a gym.

3) people who chill on the machines like they're goddamn benches. oh, and people who don't re-rack the weights. so easy, people. just rack the shit when you finish your set. i had to hunt down a 40 from the other side of the gym because some douche took ONE from the pair near the part of the gym i was at.
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