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Originally Posted by longtran View Post
just got the vin number from the donor car, it came off an 09 e92 m3. only difference is that the donor car is dct and mine is manual. hopefully it will work. fingers cross.
Yes, that's the same CIC that I was looking at last month... it is a USA P/N 65129198828 (extremely early production, by 03/09 it was substituted 4 times already), it is the monitor P/N 65829193745 that it is from Korea/China, not from the USA.

My bad.

If anything, it should turn on and some screens should show up. I see that this came from a M3 with the HiFi system, so if your M3 do not have the Enhanced Audio then you should have audio. You can even test the audio without the screen cable by plugging the CIC in and playing a CD.

Check your current CCC screen power connector (12-pin with 6 wires) pin assignments against that CIC screen power connector pin assignments: according to somewhow the pins colors and functions are common but the pin assignments are different. So double check before plugging the sucker up... you can burn it.

Nav and Voice Activation will require the FSC codes.