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Originally Posted by longtran View Post
i'm lost all over again.

also you mention the knob will only work for 4/08 and on? my car is 3/08 and the knob works. so we can add another month to that.
Nice... what type of Assist TCU (GSM or CDMA) is installed in your car -if any?

- Does your M3 has the standard or the optional sound system?

- the iDrive screen has two connections: the power/ground/bus 12-pin connector with 6-wires (or 5 wires, I'm not sure now), and the video cable. Before you simply connect the existing 12-pin connector already in your car -which should look exactly like the one in the HD screen- to that screen that you bought, just take a look at where each pin is located in each connector. They should be inserted in the exact same slots (they are numbered).

According to the OEM schematics they are not in the same slots, but the wires are the same colors and functions. So it looks like it is a matter of removing some wires from the connector in your car and inserting them in the correct slots to match the HD screen connector.

- the FSC codes are only available thru your dealer... and only if they want to help you.