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Originally Posted by scheherazade View Post
To minimize latency, you'd want to pick the smallest single that will do the job right.

Single doesn't necessitate 'big', just 'big enough'.

If BMW's goal is no-lag, then they need a single turbo that is as small as possible, while still able to produce 300 hp before efficiency collapses.

What they end up choosing will dictate how much more top end you can get out of that setup.

It could be a little more efficient if it's 'just big enough'... or a lot better if it's got plenty of headroom.

I'm basically saying that just because it's a single, we shouldn't assume it's some 30R or whatever.

Agreed, but if you look at the pictures, it looks pretty big compared to the little snails. Not to mention, the placement and the fact that its just one Turbo which will help to make it easier to retrofit aftermater Turbos.