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Smile What to do to TASTEFULLY mod my e92

Hello all,

I'm about to get a new 335i coupe, and I want to make sure I mod it the right way, so I need your suggestions!

First off, the color will either be space grey metallic or black metallic, with black interior regardless.

To start off, window tint is a must, as I live in South Florida, and I like the look anyway.

What are some performance upgrades that I can do to the car? I basically want to go very big with this: exhaust, chips, air-intakes, everything. But I just need to know what can be done overlapping with what.

I want this car to scream, and I also want some aesthetic mods. Are there any good aftermarket body kits that add a sporty look, or is the best bet the Aero Kit from BMW?

also, as far as wheels... are there any dark grey / gunmetal or black wheels available FROM BMW? I love nice rims, but I'd prefer they be from Bimmer.

Let's see... I think I've covered it all. I'm really not good at this, but I want my car to be great.

Thanks so much for the help.