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Good work longtran! Glad someone finally manned up and bought the stuff. Mind if I ask how much you got it for?

Sounds like Technic has a lot of good information, all of which I agree with. Though you could get the CIC to work with your audio system, you'll just have to have it recoded. Analog/digital audio is simply an option in the coding of the system. Flip the "switch" and it will begin transmitting the audio digitally (optically, I believe).

Assuming the CIC does not need to be VIN-coded to the car, and assuming ISIS is smart enough to be able to code it even if it doesn't apply to your model, the audio system type as well as all the other options will be calculated off your FA which is read by the system at the beginning of a coding session.

Please keep us updated, I'm very interested in how this turns out!