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Originally Posted by longtran View Post
i paid a lil under 1k. I guess if this CIC doesn't work, the monitor itself was still worth the money. I thinik the monitor new runs around 1400. i just got a text from the tech, and it does not look good.

whats the difference between a used CIC and a new CIC?
The tech might have told you that he will not be able to provide you with the FSC unless you buy a blank -as in not previously installed in another car- CIC from them. That's what the OEM document that I posted before explicitly says.

The good news are that your used CIC is worth $500 as core change towards the price of a blank CIC, which costs some $900 (used to be $600 just a couple of months ago)/ $1400 including core charge at Tisher or United BMW, and most probably the dealer's CIC will be remanufactured and not completely brand new, but it will have a 2-years parts warranty.

The monitor is over $2000 including the core charge.