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Originally Posted by boyce'06 330i
I had the same issue with my 330. After bedding in the brakes, the issue is gone and the brakes are more consistent and are now easily modulated at any speed.

I did 8 HARD 'almost stops' from 60 mph to 10 mph to bed them in. You don't want to hit the ABS, but stay just shy of it. Once you hit 10 mph immediately accelerate back up to 60 and repeat. What you're doing is building up heat in the pads and rotors so that the pads transfer material to the rotor surface. At the end of 8 'stops' you should notice moderate brake fade... this is the signal you've done it correctly. Once you experience fade, you're done... stop and let the brakes cool down. When you look at the rotors after you finish they should have a slight blue-ish tint to them.
I was going to do this the day I took delivery on my 330i. But before I left the BMW Performance Center I asked one of the driving instructors, who was a professional race car driver for 10 or something years, whether I should bed in the brakes. I even showed him a document I printed out. He told me that it's not needed because the brakes on the E90 are not high performance brakes. So I didn't do it.

Regardless, can you bed in the brakes at any time? Even after 3500 miles? Aren't they bedded in already from regular driving?