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Originally Posted by longtran View Post
technic, did you post somewhere that you have the cable for the monitor to the cic? if you do, send it to me. i want to test this out when the unit gets here. i dont think anyone is willing to let me strip their car.
I would like to help you, but I found two possible used systems that could be available this month to sell at any time and I would like to be ready to test this as soon as I get one of those.

This video cable order was somehow held up for almost three months and it took two dealers to get just one order completed. I think that BMWAG is purposedly not allowing the sale of anything that let them think that a retrofit is being considered. My USB cable order has been flatly denied twice without explanation already at the same two dealers -BMWAG don't want to even provide its P/N- so this is not my imagination.

I'm looking to get the cables from both used systems if possible so I will let you know if I get them.