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Originally Posted by bmwexecutive
I was going to do this the day I took delivery on my 330i. But before I left the BMW Performance Center I asked one of the driving instructors, who was a professional race car driver for 10 or something years, whether I should bed in the brakes. I even showed him a document I printed out. He told me that it's not needed because the brakes on the E90 are not high performance brakes. So I didn't do it.

Regardless, can you bed in the brakes at any time? Even after 3500 miles? Aren't they bedded in already from regular driving?
I didn't think they would need it either, but it made a difference in mine... night and day difference. My car has 18k on the odometer, so I think you can do this at any time. Only thing I can figure is these brakes get a film build up on the pads and/or rotors unless they are properly heated up from time to time. Keep in mind I'm no expert!