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Originally Posted by ispeedyi View Post
Thanks! The dealer provided me a Chinese Owner's Manual, which would be very time consuming for me to go through. I am a 1st time BMW owner so even the most basic visual indicators i may not fully understand the function. It also doesn't help that the dealer told me the wrong info.

When i picked up my E90 last weekend the staff who goes through the car functions with new owners told me that the re-circulating air button means to pull air from the outside. I asked 3 times to make sure what I heard was correct since the air quality here isnt the best when you are trailing a bus or big rig. I asked if i want to circulate the air inside the car what is the button or indicator. His reply was that when all lights are off that is when the air is being recirculated. The re-circulating indicator light he mentioned means to pull air from the outside.

BMW Staff 1, BMW owner 0

Wow sounds like the dealer was very misinformed on how it operates.

Not sure if the chinese model is any different on the a/c controls compared to the US models but here's how it works;

There's 3 options on how you want the a/c or vents to work:

a ( ) symbol lighted up with a green LED above it indicates air is being recirculated in the cabin

a (A) symbol lighted up with a green LED above it indicates the air will be recirculated in the cabin if the a/c intake sensor detects dirty or smelly air incoming. You may smell a hint or a bit of the smelly air for about a second to two while the system closes the intake to the cabin and redirects the air to recirculate.

with both of these selected off, it will pull air from the outside through a cabin microfilter which is located behind the glovebox panel...this is to filter the air and to keep the air quailty clean inside the car.

You may have to change this more often if you drive in dirty cities or so, the indicator in the maintenance menu will tell you when to replace it.

On the US models, there's a recirculate mode button on the steering wheel for on the fly you have that there?

BTW what's up with the air quailty in China airports? We're getting 767's and 777's back with black streaks all over the wings from front to back and they're not hydraulic fluids residue, it's more of a chaulky residue and been told it's from the smog over there...
a few of them was bad enough we had to send them to the wash shop for a quick clean.