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Originally Posted by Quasimodem View Post
So I am installing a CDT Audio HD-42 - 4" HD Series Component System in my doors. I found a set of pins which allow me to adapt the OEM connectors to conventional wires which will then go to my passive cross over.

But the pins look very small. I want to leave everything as stock as possible so just plugging into the existing connector is ideal. But the pins are so small that I am wondering whether using the existing connectors will create a bottleneck in my system at the connectors.

Just cut the wires a few inches back from the OEM connectors and then reattach them later if you need to.

Or wrap the connector/pin assembly with bare copper wire before insulating it which effectively will increase the gauge of the wire at that point by providing more conductive material.

Or don't worry about it. The voltage drop across that short little connector is going to be very small and insignificant. You can get away with passing a lot of current through a small wire for a short distance - you have problems the longer the wire gets.