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Review *Helix FMIC*

ok so i recently installed a Helix Fmic and heres my review about this product

Fitment Umm i was quite amazed on how bad the fitment was...i had tons of trimming and even than it was still a Pain in the ass.. but after all said and done about 3 hours later she was IN..

Quality i do have to say the quality on this product was pretty solid welds were top notch clamps/hose's were extremly durable

Performance well i have to say she freaking pulls like a bat out of hell its really amazing how 3rd gear just pulls and pulls and pulls *the c55 amg really loved that also lol)

so overall i have to say im pretty happy with this product i dunno maybe i might have done somthing wrong with the install but i got passed that and just so happy with the Performance increase but two anyone whos on the fence about this mod i would have to say get it Professonally installed or if ur a heavy DIY-er....