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Originally Posted by Donald-335i View Post
ok so i recently installed a Helix Fmic and heres my review about this product

Fitment Umm i was quite amazed on how bad the fitment was...i had tons of trimming and even than it was still a Pain in the ass.. but after all said and done about 3 hours later she was IN..

Quality i do have to say the quality on this product was pretty solid welds were top notch clamps/hose's were extremly durable

Performance well i have to say she freaking pulls like a bat out of hell its really amazing how 3rd gear just pulls and pulls and pulls *the c55 amg really loved that also lol)

so overall i have to say im pretty happy with this product i dunno maybe i might have done somthing wrong with the install but i got passed that and just so happy with the Performance increase but two anyone whos on the fence about this mod i would have to say get it Professonally installed or if ur a heavy DIY-er....

The intercooler is a very tight fit and 2 sets of hands makes it ALOT easier. we have modified the mounting brackets so you can adjust the FMIC front and back to eliminate any trimming... whats very strange is MOST end users have to do no trimming at all, its not the FMIC as all are made in a jig. There has to be some difference between cars or as you said people are possibly doing something wrong during the install. Glad you like the quality and performance of the product.