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Originally Posted by kounelii View Post
... i would also like to ask a very important question.
since this work is mostly trial and error, the way to find the commands flowing to the bus and are of interest is very important.
a nice solution is to isolate the idle traffic from the traffic generated when user interacts (as some people here have done)
the question is how have you done it?
my approach would be a simple ascii terminal. should i reconsider?
how do you isolate traffic?

thanks you,

I suppose you could try to use an ascii terminal but there are a few significant issues to deal with...

1) The CAN to RS232 hardware is just a bridge between the two networks. It doesnt do any data translation. For example, the raw data value of 0x30 represents the number '0' in ASCII. So, alot of the CAN data is going to translate into extended ascii characters. This will look like garbage in ascii on the screen.


[&eVg!r fW<|_
o"dN]>$Zq( v2??sF
??"}{)x![9{uUi$Bi}mZ@M?? bD\}90h391
P fbX̧jG?l;E5\3le$8aC???@
|U4iפ_F??)պs߯ 9*w<+??

2) Even if you use something like RealTerm to generate the hex values into a readable format, you would then have to parse through the dump. This could take alot of effort. In the end you would be better off writing something to access the com port (RS232) and gather the values. You would then put together your own sorting/histogram/etc routine or you could have it generate a CSV file and try using something like Excel to analyze the data.
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