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Originally Posted by timlang
Woohoo!! I am so excited - my car is on the Elektra (Voyage EA539-ELX) !!!

Loaded in Bremerhaven on the 28th, sailed out of Bremerhaven on the 29th to Gothenburg, Sweden where it was in port today. It should leave Sweden tomorrow (Oct 1) for Belgium, then a stop in Southampton, and then on to Halifax (where my car gets off!). According to the website it will take 7 days for the crossing from Southampton to Halifax is and due in on Oct. 11. You would think with all our technology it could do the crossing a bit faster... maybe they need to give the gerbals running the turbines some better food?

Anyways, I don't know how long it takes to get from Halifax from Vancouver, but I am guessing that is probably another week at least. I can hardly wait !!!!!!

How did you get all that detail? Off the Wallenius Wilhelmsen site? I am on that same voyage, and the last detail I get is loaded on vessel on 9/28.
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